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I offer a range of training workshops that can be delivered over 2-3 hours in a morning or afternoon; or developed further to offer a full day experience.

Most of the training sessions I offer can be tailored to suit the level of knowledge and understanding that you wish to gain so these topics can be useful for:

  • groups of counselling or psychotherapy students

  • experienced counselling or psychotherapy practitioners

  • people in the corporate sector

  • people working in mental health  

  • people working in the health & social care sector

  • teachers and other roles within educational settings

If there is another angle or subject that you are interested in, please get in touch and we can discuss what I may be able to offer you. 


I have a wide range of skills and knowledge and may be able to custom design something for you.

Fees for training vary based on the length of the workshop and any travel requirements.  Please get in touch so I can understand what you are looking for.  I will provide you with a specific figure with no obligation on your part.













... and to change or grow yourself

- Natasha Williamson :o)



Coping with trauma & intrusions

Offers a toolkit using techniques from mindfulness & CBT with psycho-education on neurobiology and memory


Grief, Loss & Bereavement

An introduction to theoretical models of grief with some personal and experiential reflection 


Supporting bereaved children

Looks at what to expect from grieving children & ideas for creative therapeutic support (can be tailored for school staff)


Resilience and young minds (Yr1 - Yr11)

Designed for children, an active workshop focused on positive self-esteem, resilience & good mental fitness


Understanding the suicidal mind

Offers an insight into the neurobiology of suicide and suggestions for supporting people whilst taking care of yourself


Fight & Flight - the Survival Instinct

Outlines how fight/flight affects our day2day lives, at home, in the workplace, at school and across all relationships


Living with anxiety and distortions

Provides education around the types of cognitive distortions that fuel panic/anxiety and a toolkit to identify and address this

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