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Learning to love yourself


The month of February brings an age old tradition of Valentine's Day. Thought to date back to the year 496 and was a Roman festival welcoming Spring. Nowadays it can also come with a lot of pressure and expectation.


So this year, instead of focusing outwards on showing/giving love to another, why not turn that energy inwards. I had the opportunity to contribute to an article published in Shropshire Living that covers just this thinking - it's a 2-3 minute read, see what you think.


On a side note, my name is often shortened to "Tash" so I'm used to regularly being called Trish and Tess (especially on the phone). I'm making my debut in this edition of Shropshire Living as "Natalie Williamson" - but it's still me, apparently just incognito :o)

Here's a link to the full article => 

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