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Children & Young People

I have found that children and young people often benefit from using creative, playful or non-verbal supplies and items to help them share, explore and express.

I use a lot of therapeutic play in my work, this could be using sand, mini-figures, drawing, crafting and role-play. 


'Tweens', 'Teens' and older adolescents have found these useful too, but sometimes just sitting side by side whilst colouring in or making something together is just as helpful in giving therapeutic space.  Some young people also prefer to just talk - and that's okay too.  


There are lots of options available and I will work creatively, proactively and flexibly to help you to work with what you are bringing to our sessions.


Sometimes an hour is quite long, especially for younger children, so we could meet for a shorter time of around 45 minutes. 

Meetings can take place in my private counselling room or online (web, email or IM).  Teens and adolescents may feel more comfortable receiving counselling via email or instant message.

I've included some photos of creative work done by children/young people to give you a sense of the diversity of work that can be done with younger clients.  These all represent the re-telling of an experience to re-process thoughts and feelings.

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